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Thursday, December 01, 2005
the gift

It has been a long time I haven’t updated this blog, not to say paying for quick visit here.  I almost forgot the username and password to enter this small “private room” of mine.  Life has been very demanding as long as I can remember.  And to maintain this blog voluntarily is rather a demanding effort too.


Last Hari Raya, I was gifted with a adorable baby boy, named Muhammad Umar Rusyad.  Wife gave this little creature of Allah the “Umar” title which I did not have many says for it.  I fortified it with “Rusyad” which lifted her eyebrow a bit (she did not realize I was there when she did it).  Needless to say, that Hari Raya was not an usual Hari Raya for me, adversely.  I did my Raya shopping at Reject Shop right before people started to arrange the ketupats, lemangs and cookies on the table.  And I wore them with the barcode stickers still attached and the folding lines could even hold water like a drain.  They were not big deals to me as long as I did not forget to take the card around the collar out.  I used to see a man with the card sticking out from his new shirt and he is my laughing stock for the rest of my life.


Now Umar is a month old and has everything beautiful to my eyes.  Even his loud cry at the wee hours in the morning wake me up cheerfully.  With three kids already on my back at all possible times, I could not wait to hold one more.


kassorga – Allah still loves me…

Posted at Thursday, December 01, 2005 by kassorga
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Friday, September 16, 2005

am all alone in the office at 8.00 pm Friday night.  office is in messy state. boxes stacked up and files, waste papers are almost everywhere.  I am still here at this time not on purpose.  Got to wait my wife settling her unfinished BNM assignments.  Feel a little bit worry about kids at home.  This time normally they are all on my back.

kassorga - nice to be home 

Posted at Friday, September 16, 2005 by kassorga
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Thursday, June 16, 2005
kereta kecil isteriku

Selepas menurunkan isteri di hadapan bangunan baru pejabatnya pagi semalam, aku terus memandu ke Pandan Jaya untuk men'servis' kereta kecilnya.  Dengan RM100 yang dibekalkannya, aku membeli minyak enjin, penapis minyak, spark plugs, penapis udara dan coolant, cukup untuk buat servis major.  Di selang dua buah kedai, kereta diservis pada upah RM12.  Jumlah keseluruhan RM82 dan berbaki RM18.

Selesai tugasan itu, aku ingin membuat sedikit kejutan kepada isteriku.  Paip ekzosnya yang dah berkarat, aku hantar ke bengkel mengimpal.  Keempat-empat tayar yang sudah haus, aku tukar yang baru.  Pad brek depan yang sedang menipis, digantikan. Aku ingin juga menukar kasut brek belakang tetapi mekanik itu terlalu jujur menasihatkan ia boleh dipakai sehingga tiga empat tahun lagi (jauh di sudut hatiku bertanya adakah ianya satu gimik?).  Semua itu menipiskan dompet aku sebanyak RM417! Belum isteri terkejut, aku dah terkejut dengan jumlah itu.

Demi isteri, tak apalah, pujuk hatiku.  Berapalah sangat RM417 itu jika dibandingkan dengan kepayahannya mengandung dan melahirkan ketiga-tiga anakku, dan sekarang ini sedang mengandung lagi.  Jumlah itu juga cukup kecil kerana keretaku sendiri memerlukan RM50 untuk hanya 200 km, RM200 untuk sekali servis, RM300 untuk sebiji tayar, RM800 untuk cukai jalan dan RM1,300 untuk insurans!

kassorga - wang dapat dicari, budi jangan dibeli, kasih datang sendiri...

Sekecil kereta isteriku...

Posted at Thursday, June 16, 2005 by kassorga
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Away onleave and will be back on 16/6/05"

That is what my out-of-office asistance says whenever anybody send an e-mail to my office address.  The fact is that I am not physically on leave.  Yesterday, I drove 36 km to Bank Negara Malaysia from home in my office attires just to attend a very brief briefing session.  Today, I am here sitting in my office cubicle albiet in casual dressing, doing office thingies.  Tomorrow, I may be around too.

I just can't stay too long away from the office or else I will feel like a loser when I'm back to work, having to catch whatever I've missed ( infact hardly any).  I do not know whether I am a smart worker with an ineffecient finishing last year's balance of annual leave.  This month, I have to take nine (9) days leave if I do not want them to be forfeited.

On the otherside, I'm proud when I was told by that lady in HR that I am the staff who have the highest number of the outstanding leave.

kassorga - berkorban apa saja


Posted at Tuesday, June 14, 2005 by kassorga
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Friday, June 10, 2005
asp foo

Aku mendengar celoteh ASP Foo di KLFM semasa memandu ke Kuala Lumpur tadi.  Suaranya cukup ceria setiap kali dia ke udara.  Berpantun dan bermadah cukup menterjemahkan pribadinya tetapi ada satu hal yang ada padanya yang membuatkan aku berfikir di mana aku sedang meletakkan diriku di sisi Allah.  Padi tadi, dia memberitahu bagaimana tidak sabarnya dia untuk mendengar kesudahan tazkirah  Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani Leman tentang sifat-sifat terpuji Nabi Idris a.s. Sebelumnya, dia pernah meringkaskan apa yang dia dengar dalam satu kuliah agama.

Semoga insan itu mendapat hidayah Allah.  Dan aku pula, semoga hidayah yang diberi tidak disia-siakan.

kassorga - sekadar tetamu senja

Teluk Rubiah pada suatu senja.

Posted at Friday, June 10, 2005 by kassorga
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Thursday, June 09, 2005
first entry

I don't feel fit to work today but I have to.  Just before leaving home, I put the flat fever thermometer on the forehead and the reader shows 37C.  Just a slight fever and I'm going over it.

It might be all the drivings, walkings and carrying (kids & bags) during last weekend vacation at Bukit Tinggi that worsen my condition.  It caught me first when I was trying to do some 'remake' of our small hotel room.  I might have inhaled the dusts and then I found myself sneezing badly thru out the night.  Luckily, kids were at their very good behaviours.

kassorga - ikut rasa binasa, ikut hati mati

Two out of my three jewels...

Posted at Thursday, June 09, 2005 by kassorga
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